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Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Shaffer, VP of Artificial Intelligence and Co-founder at RIOS Intelligent Machines. Here’s what Matt had to say about real-time AI and what it means for the manufacturing sector.

RIOS Intelligent Machines, a leader in AI-powered robotics for the manufacturing industry, is excited to announce the successful completion of a $13 million Series B funding round.

This collaboration will transform the wood products industry by integrating robotic automation to enhance operational efficiency an

Robot simulations are revolutionizing manufacturing by optimizing production processes, reducing waste, and improving product quality. These simulations, powered by advances in robotics automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), are not just substitutes for human labor; they enhance human capabilities, fostering the creation of new, technologically advanced roles. As a result, the manufacturing workforce is evolving into one that is more skilled and tech-savvy.

One of the best ways to avoid the financial burden of purchasing an automatic robotic workcell…

Emmet Cole, contributing editor of A3, reached out to Clinton Smith, CTO of RIOS, for perspective and insight…

Chris Luecke of Manufacturing Happy Hour Interviews RIOS’ CEO, Bernard Casse…

RIOS Intelligent Machines, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered…

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