RIOS CEO Provides Perspective on Robotics Investments, Tech Trends

RIOS CEO, Bernard Casse, shares his perspective on current robotics trends and the role of robotics in economic progress and addressing labor shortages with Eugene Demaitre of Robotics 24/7.

Dr. Bernard Casse, CEO and founder of RIOS Intelligent Machines, recently spoke with Modern Materials Handling for their February 2023 Issue. Bernard spoke on Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) and how it can offer security during this looming recession.

One of the best ways to avoid the financial burden of purchasing an automatic robotic workcell outright is to review Robots as a Service. RIOS has advanced the RaaS business model and provides world-class automation packaged with an all-inclusive service at zero upfront CapEx costs.

“The idea is to de-risk the customer’s investment in automation,” Dr. Casse explains. “If a palletizer is down for 60 minutes, for instance, RIOS pays the end user for the loss of palletizing services.”

RaaS systems come in many forms and are highly customizable for intesive factory jobs like palletizing. Dr. Bernard Casse believes there is no palletizing solution quite like RIOS’ VULCAN workcell. The end-of-line robot is equipped with a Fanuc high-speed robot fully integrated with sophisticated software. The workcell has proven it can allow for throughput of 40 to 60 items a minute.

RIOS has become an expert with the consumer-packaged goods sector, as Dr. Casse explains. The robotics company has developed many software-defined infrastructures that can be programmed to complete sorting, material handling, quality control, and packaging. RIOS also provides 24/7 support to maintain a productive operation.

“This is revolutionary,” says Casse. “This approach to robotic palletizing is a real inflection point for packaging automation going forward.”

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Modern Materials Handling
February 2023 17
Gary Forger is an editor at large with Modern

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