Increase margins and improve operational efficiency with AI-powered robotics.

Reduces Labor Costs

Reduction in overhead by automating manual tasks

Improves Reliability

Constant real time process monitoring enables high process uptime and reliability

Increases Flexibility

Focus resources on high-impact areas and leverage high-speed robotics to increase output without additional capital investment

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Solving the Biggest Challenges That You Face


Labor is difficult to find and one of the major contributors to cost

solutions & impact
90% Reduction in overhead by automating manual tasks. Little to no additional maintenance or upkeep with enhanced support model including 24/7 monitoring.


Space and resource constraints make increasing output difficult

50% Increase in output on existing capital through reallocation of resources to high impact areas and increased production with reliability robotics.


Quality kills brand. Humans can’t track every issue

100% of items inspected through AI-powered vision. Decrease rework and waste with early defect alerts Capability for closed loop control to eliminate defects altogether.
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Increase profits with enhanced operational efficiency:

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increased efficiency

Robotics automation revolutionizes manufacturing processes by introducing precision, consistency, and round-the-clock operation. Robots tirelessly execute repetitive tasks at a rapid pace, surpassing human capabilities in terms of speed and accuracy.


Robots are renowned for their unwavering adherence to quality standards and specifications. Their ability to perform tasks with micron-level precision ensures that every product meets the desired quality criteria.

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Enhanced Safety

The incorporation of robotics in the consumer goods industry contributes significantly to workplace safety. Robots excel at handling tasks that are hazardous, physically demanding, or involve exposure to harmful substances.

enhanced Scalability

The adaptability of robotics automation is a key asset for consumer goods manufacturers. Robots can be easily reprogrammed and reconfigured to accommodate changes in production volume, product variants, or market demands.

Consumer Goods Automation

Over time, core processors such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics have advanced at an unprecedented rate. Consumer goods automation now has human-like dexterity and can process heavy, awkward goods all the way to the delicate products coming from the food-beverage sector.

Below you will learn more about automation within the consumer product industry.


Consumer goods automation can organize a workstation for optimal packing times. Working alongside it’s human coworker, the support robot takes over dangerous or repetitive tasks while individual employees are moved to where they are most needed.

Standardization and stability are two significant aspects to packing goods. Offering a factory a sense of stability allows for maintaining the most cost-effective line and tracks inventory that is nearly error-free.

Material Handling & Shipping

Automation for consumer product manufacturing also offers material handling solutions. Accuracy and reliability represent essential features for your consumer goods automation technology. Producers can facilitate scheduling and production needs, as well as providing predictable delivery phases once in transport. This robot reduces accidents, delivery mistakes, and waste.


Palletizing and depalletizing can be hard to staff, and hard to automate, yet are vital to effectively shipping product and receiving goods. The newer AI-powered robotic workcells offer increased capabilities and can handle a variety of SKUs. Review these critical positions in your production and discover if RIOS can add automation within your consumer goods production lines. Common questions include: What are space requirements? Is your finished goods durable or delicate? What line speeds do you maintain?

packing machine

A flagship product and the ultimate end-of-line packaging machine. This consumer goods automation solution was engineered to be the superpower of the consumer-packaged goods industries. Its modular design includes a suite of capabilities ranging from sorting items, to packing into boxes to palletizing.

full stack
robotic workcells
RIOS is creating full-stack robotic workcells dedicated to serving clients looking for automation for consumer product manufacturing solutions. Our robotic models are a suite of software-defined and adaptable machines that autonomously manage the production, movement, and packaging of goods.These machines are engineered to be extensions of human operators on the assembly line.

On-demand access to a scalable robotic workforce.

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