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We provide AI-powered automation that helps you reduce operating expenses, increase revenue and improve the reliability of your production lines.

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We’ve built our company around mission-driven engineering

We are RIOS, an organization founded with a commitment to tackle automation challenges in manufacturing. Our origins trace back to former engineers from Xerox PARC, where we recognized the potential of AI-powered robotics to meet our clients’ needs. Our objective has been to develop AI-powered robotics that integrate seamlessly into existing production lines, offering unprecedented control and adaptability. 

These robots are designed to automate tasks that were previously only possible with manual labor. The results have been game changing – reduced operational costs, increased reliability, and great control over your manufacturing processes.

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We’re Changing the Game
RIOS takes a different approach to robotic automation. Starting with AI training in a simulated world reduces the time required to deploy complex robotic manufacturing processes. In addition, simulation helps identify problematic areas in your plans and predict potential yield and operating costs. This results in lower costs and quicker time to pay back on investment.
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We provide automation that makes it possible to manufacture Closer to home

The RIOS line of AI-powered robotics solutions makes it possible to manufacture things closer to home. Our solutions increase production efficiency, increase labor productivity and reduce operational expenses. You gain more control and realize new insights from the data provided by our systems. With 24×7 support and engagement through the entire lifecycle of your deployment, we’re partners in your success.

On-demand access to a scalable robotic workforce.

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