How the Factory of the Future is Re-Industrializing America Featuring RIOS' Bernard Casse

Chris Luecke of Manufacturing Happy Hour Interviews RIOS' CEO, Bernard Casse, in the latest episode to discuss the future for manufacturing facilities.

In this feature podcast, “How the Factory of the Future is Re-Industrializing America Featuring RIOS’ Bernard Casse.” Bernard explores the benefits of using automation to speed up processes, collect data, and adapt according to turbulent market conditions.

“It’s a lot of data that we’re aggregating and then transforming that in business intelligence to allow the customer to really understand their operations to optimize backed on that understanding.”

Chris and Bernard get into topics benefiting customers and responding to current economic conditions which affect venture capitalists and start-ups.

3 Takeaways

  1. One benefit of automation and robotics in factories is that you can start collecting data and transform that into valuable business intelligence, which helps leaders make fast and informed decisions.
  2. The best wat to get started with automation is with the low-hanging fruit – look at one process that needs to be improved and focus your automation around improving that.
  3. Factories of the future are highly efficient, flexible, and responsive workspaces powered by robotics and AI, which can adapt to changing conditions.

Click on the link to listen to the podcast and read the summary of the in-depth conversation and learn how the smart factory will elevate businesses with increased productivity, data aggregation, and business transformation.

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