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The food and agriculture industries have always been ahead of the curve with automation. The technological advancements they've put forth are now fundamental pillars and directing changes in how manufacturing operates.

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Accuracy to Within 0.1"

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Food handling systems presently include Intelligent robotic and sensor technologies. Producers can instantly witness how the machines adapt to factory floors and create the most stable and profitable production lines possible.

New Opportunities in Robotic Food Handling

Automation has existed in the food processing industry for decades. But today’s informed consumers are more demanding than ever. Environmentally friendly operations and single source products are now essential to economic success.


Incoming & Outgoing

This automated handling system is capable of more than loading or tending. With the right onsite support, machine tending can be upgraded to undertake everything from sanding to welding to palletizing and work 1.5-2 times faster than human hands.
Automated material handling solutions is a critical benefit to factory floors. Advanced hardware allows employees to forego perilous and mundane assignments to concentrate on more complex tasks. Machines like ASTRIA can work multiple shifts and cut down on labor hours significantly.
One of the most reliable aspects of this equipment is it never gets sick or burnout leading to nearly zero downtime. These industrial material handling systems can easily collaborate with other robots and people to fulfill nearly any demand it is commanded to do.
Machine tending keeps the system running properly. This automation in material handling system gives control to the producer – seeing what goods are being used efficiently. One of the most important is how it services other robots.
With less injuries on site, productivity will skyrock. Automatic handling equipment lets employees move on to other sections of manufacturing, a combination of robots and AI will take over the most dangerous duties.
With less injuries on site, productivity will skyrock. Automatic handling equipment lets employees move on to other sections of manufacturing, a combination of robots and AI will take over the most dangerous duties.
Benefits of Food Handling Systems

RIOS, a pivotal player in automation, introduces its groundbreaking module—an exceptional food handling robot. This is a dedicated, end-to-end AI-powered workcell designed for precise and gentle food item handling. It adeptly coordinates food-grade grippers with advanced tactile sensors, ensuring human-like dexterity and adaptability for various item sizes.

Furthermore, these machines offer an efficient space-saving solution for your factory floor, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows while minimizing its footprint.


Primary and Secondary Processing

The food processing happens in two stages, which require varying levels of dexterity: primary and secondary.

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How RIOS Can Help You

The extensive use of industrial robots in the processed foods industry is increasingly relevant to output.

RIOS Intelligent Machines has been dominating the food and beverage sector with its iconic workcell, and for good reason. With no CapEx, RIOS can rapidly deploy robots to clients and offer assistance with installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance through RaaS.

Reach out to a RIOS expert today to discover why this machine is the sole robot you need for your food handling solutions.

Hunter Wylie
Crow Engineering

We partnered with RIOS because we believe this product will provide significant monetization in mills – intervening in edge cases and helping avoid damage. We did an extensive analysis, and RIOS was the only one that could do these things …

Kevin Miller
Associated Packaging, Inc.

The innovation of RIOS robotic solutions extends beyond a technically talented team adept at creating solutions to solve labor and material handling challenges to their entire business model. Not only do they offer the savings and benefits of RaaS, but their ability to replicate solutions over a broad install base is a game changer that forces customers to rethink their traditional view of automation and how RIOS can now help them target automation solutions that were previously not attainable or even considered.

Jake Gaines
Hit Promotional Products, Inc.
VP of Manufacturing

We were very impressed by RIOS. Their team proved they could understand our challenges, our business, quickly assess our use cases, and roll out robots in mind-boggling timeframes to meet our aggressive goals, while delivering the seamless, integrated experiences customers have come to expect.

Michael Thomas Ward
V & H Material Handling
Material Handling Specialist/Engineer

RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.

On-demand access to a scalable robotic workforce.

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