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Wood Products

Difficult environments and variable production require advanced technology to help you control costs.

wood products
Solving the Biggest Challenges That You Face


Labor is difficult to find and one of the major contributors to cost

solutions & impact
90% Reduction in overhead by automating manual tasks. Little to no additional maintenance or upkeep with enhanced support model including 24/7 monitoring.


Space and resource constraints make increasing output difficult

50% Increase in output on existing capital through reallocation of resources to high impact areas and increased production with reliability robotics.


Quality kills brand. Humans can’t track every issue

100% of items inspected through AI-powered vision. Decrease rework and waste with early defect alerts Capability for closed loop control to eliminate defects altogether.
wood products

Difficult environments & variable production require advanced technology

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What Problems Can Automated Wood Product Machines Solve?

Automated wood product machines can solve a range of problems in the wood products industry, such as reducing labor costs and increasing productivity by performing repetitive tasks with precision and speed.

Additionally, they can help minimize material wastage and improve safety by minimizing the risk of accidents associated with manual cutting and shaping of wood.

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On-demand access to a scalable robotic workforce.

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