RIOS CEO Provides Perspective on Robotics Investments, Tech Trends

RIOS CEO, Bernard Casse, shares his perspective on current robotics trends and the role of robotics in economic progress and addressing labor shortages with Eugene Demaitre of Robotics 24/7.

Topics their conversation covered included:

Trends at trade shows such as ProMat and Automate include companies seeking solutions for robotic trailer unloading and multi-fleet robot orchestration.

Capital constraints and the decline in VC funding for early-stage high-tech companies affects the robotics landscape, leading to a higher bar for startups to prove themselves and more market consolidation.

Developments in AI and machine learning are essential for robotics to improve capabilities in computer vision, decision-making, quality control, and providing business intelligence.

Sustainability and ESG directives are not only ethical and regulatory imperatives but also have a significant impact on operational efficiency and profitability.

Humanoid robots are fascinating but require significant investment, and the path to functional, cost-effective humanoid robots is likely to be a long one.

It is clear that industrial automation remains essential in reshaping the dynamics of society and the economy, and reindustrialization involves transforming aging industries into smart factories of the future that leverage robotics.

RIOS is set to release a robotic solution for a new market, take AI-powered vision quality control to unprecedented heights, and develop an extensive digital twin infrastructure and tools for designing the smart factory of the future.

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