RIOS Advanced Pack Line Solution, HERMES, Featured on Material Handling 24/7

Material Handling 24/7 recently featured RIOS Intelligent Machine's advanced pack line solution, HERMES.

There’s no workcell quite like HERMES. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered robot is capable of packing the broadest range of SKUs into polybags at twice the speed of the average worker. It’s advanced sensors track items at microsecond speeds due to its lightweight, low-latency AI-powered vision algorithms. The workcell manages a continuous flow of products with the ability to pick up products of varying sizes and weights.

To progressively reduce the level of reliance on manual labor in warehouses, leading producers are turning to food process automation as an innovative and cost-effective solution. HERMES possesses an impressive range of capabilities including:

  • Efficiently manage continuous flow of products, handling goods in crates, bins, totes, etc.
  • Unloading various equipment or conveyors.
  • Adaptable to broader applications.
  • Able to pick many products and a considerable variety of weights.
  • Accommodates items of various dimensions and sizes.
  • Typically handles 40-60 items per minute.

RIOS rapidly deploys workcells to get customer operations running efficiently. RaaS (Robots-as-a-Service) includes proper installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance.

RIOS is a robotics company that can meet all your automation needs. Discover more about the optimal robotic automation solutions for you.

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