John Craig Joins RIOS

John Craig Joins RIOS Intelligent Machines as Vice President of Revenue and Customer Success

Menlo Park, CA — RIOS Intelligent Machines, a leader in the development and deployment of AI-controlled robotics that delivers real and sustainable value to manufacturing processes, is thrilled to announce the addition of John Craig to its executive team as Vice President of Revenue and Customer Success. Craig, whose illustrious career spans continents and industries, brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership and innovation to RIOS.

With a rich background that includes engineering, consulting, technology development, and strategic partnerships, John has made significant contributions to both Fortune 100 companies and high-growth startups. His tenure at globally recognized firms like McKinsey and Company underscores his expertise in driving operational excellence and transformative growth.

John’s professional journey has equipped him with an exceptional understanding of diverse cultures and markets across North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region. His ability to lead and inspire teams, coupled with a deep passion for technology’s role in enhancing business’ operational effectiveness, aligns well with RIOS’s mission to deliver its partners meaningful and sustainable value to manufacturing with AI-controlled robotics.

“John’s extensive experience and dynamic leadership skills make him a fantastic addition to our team,” – Clinton Smith, CEO of RIOS Intelligent Machines. “His innovative approach to revenue growth, partnerships, and customer success, along with his commitment to fostering strong, collaborative teams across geographical and cultural divides, will be instrumental in driving our company forward.”

John is also excited about his new role and the opportunities that lie ahead: “I am thrilled to join RIOS Intelligent Machines at such a pivotal time for the industry with next-generation data-driven AI-controlled robotics just starting to deliver real transformative value in manufacturing. I look forward to being part of the team that will deliver a majority of this value in the years to come, aiming to exceed our customers’ and partners’ expectations.”

RIOS Intelligent Machines is actively expanding its partner network and client base, continuing its trajectory of rapid growth and innovation. John’s strategic vision for revenue generation and customer success is expected to propel the company to new heights and reinforce its position as a global leader in AI-controlled robotics.

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Together with its partners RIOS Intelligent Machines profitably delivers significant ROI to its manufacturing clients with AI controlled robotic systems. With a focus on innovation and customer success, RIOS is committed to delivering industry leading technology that address our client’s current pain points and also open up new opportunities for them to deliver value.


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