Veneer Handler with
AI Sortation

Introducing a state-of-the-art solution transforming mill operations with advanced Artificial Intelligence to more efficiently handle veneer than traditional sheet feeders or people.

Ensures Consistent Output

Improves Quality

Controls processes with Sophisticated AI

Reduces Labor Costs

No Two Veneers Are the Same

Veneers have a lot of diversity in form and kind. They can vary in specific shape, surface area, moisture content and have a variety of knots, splits, holes and other imperfections. In addition due to production processes they can have debris on top of them. All of this contributes to challenges in handling them with traditional equipment or even with humans.

Intelligent Agents Automate Decision-Making

Veneer Handlers incorporate Intelligent Agents to evaluate individual veneer and stacks of veneer to determine their quality using characteristics like surface area, volume, mass, moisture, holes, knots and splits. Intelligent Agents also enable the Veneer Handler to understand where each veneer is in 3D space when picking and placing to and from moving conveyors and stacks.

Key capabilities

Veneer Handler: What It Does

These robotic workcells automate the process of moving veneer to and from stacks, moving conveyors and other machinery. Here are some of the key capabilities:

AI Sortation

After the Intelligent Agent inspects each veneer for knots, holes, and split defects, the Veneer Handler places them in the appropriate stacks. Veneer meeting user-defined thresholds are accurately placed in the accepted stack, while those that do not meet specifications are sorted into a rejection stack. The entire process is automated and controlled by an AI model trained with unobtrusive video collected onsite, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Applications for Veneer Handlers

Examples of process steps where Veneer Handler adds value



Green Chain

Sophisticated AI veneer inspection & sortation or rejection

Can pick and/or place veneer on moving conveyors relative to visually tracked targets like lugs or other veneer

Stack veneer with high accuracy , +/- ⅛” to vision target

Integration with AI control system and PLCs to recommend or directly optimize start, stop and speed of processes for throughput and quality

Dryer Infeed

Dryer Outfeed

Full Sheet and Composed Layup Line

Random Station Layup Line

Random Dryer Infeed

Random Dryer Outfeed


Veneer Handler Specifications

This robotic workcell has an 8'x10' footprint and can automate the process of moving veneer to and from stacks, conveyors and other machinery.

democratizing machine learning
AI for Everyone

Veneer Handlers leverage Intelligent Agents to lower the barrier of introducing reliable and effective machine learning. Manufacturers can easily build complex processes using simple, easy-to-use web interfaces. These processes can do everything from control complex robotics movements to identifying objects.

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