Reliable Veneer Handler with AI Sortation

Ensures Consistent Output

Improves Quality

Sophisticated AI controls processes

Reduces Labor Costs

Veneer Handler with AI sortation
No Two Logs Are the Same

Introducing the Veneer Panel Handler with AI Sortation, a state-of-the-art solution transforming sawmill operations with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI). This innovative robot meticulously sorts veneer, precisely placing each piece in its designated location for optimal efficiency.

Veneer Handlers incorporate Intelligent Agents to see and predict objects and events, recommend actions and report on important metrics. It’s AI can be trained to make human-like decisions consistently and quickly. Here, the Intelligent Agent is identfying Knots, Splits and Holes on a veneer panel. The Veneer Handler can automatically place the sheet in the apropriate location based on user defined thresholds.

key capabilities

Veneer Panel Handler: What It Can Do

This robotic workcell can automate the process of moving veneer and plywood panels to and from stacks, conveyors and other machinery. Here are some of the key capabilities:

Veneer Panel Handlers with AI sortation arrange this paneling after the Intelligent Agent inspects each panel for knots, holes, and split defects. Panels meeting user-defined thresholds are accurately placed in the accepted stack, while those that do not meet specifications are sorted into a rejection stack. The entire process is automated and controlled by an AI model trained with unobtrusive video collected onsite, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Applications for Veneer Panel Handlers

Examples of process steps where Panel Handler adds value



Clipper/Chipper Infeed

Eliminate downtime at machine centers clearing jams

Dryer Infeed

Eliminate Headcount at Dryer Infeed

Dryer Outfeed

Clear doubles, wads off dryer infeed prior to entry into grade line.   Eliminate headcount at 90 degree turns. 

Layup line

Increase line throughput, quality of output and reduce waste from downstream

Core/99” Saw Infeed

Prevent Core saws from being loaded incorrectly


Identify line management of sander related defects

Package Quality

Reduced quality labor, increased value

Unauthorized entry

More secure and safe environment, reduced incidents


Veneer Panel Handler Specifications

This robotic workcell has an 8'x10' footprint and can automate the process of moving veneer and plywood panels to and from stacks, conveyors and other machinery.

democratizing machine learning
AI for Everyone

Veneer Panel Handlers leverage Intelligent Agents to lower the barrier of introducing reliable and effective machine learning. Manufacturers can easily build complex processes using simple, easy-to-use web interfaces. These processes can do everything from control complex robotics movements to identifying objects.

On-demand access to a scalable robotic workforce.

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