RIOS Partnerships: Combining Industry and Technical Expertise

How RIOS partners with engineering firms and system integrators to deliver integrated value.

Engineering firms and systems integrators play a critical role in manufacturing environments. While many firms provide complete solutions, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), are rapidly changing the landscape and introducing new potential solutions at a rapid rate. These changes, while promising, often require partnerships with specialized companies that have dedicated staff and deep knowledge of the technology. This represents a significant gap for most engineering firms and system integrators today.

RIOS Intelligent Machines is filling this gap. RIOS partners with systems integrators who recognize they could be offering compelling solutions with advanced AI and robotics could fill, but they need a clear way to do this.  The best SI partnerships are with entities heavy on mechanical, civil engineering, planning, and factory side layout & design, material handling, and conveyance.  RIOS can work with those Systems Integrators to build a specific product for their market that allows them to build a more efficient end result for their customers (higher customer ROI, lower opex, etc.)

Our approach is unique – we are suppliers and long-term partners to systems integrators and their clients. Unlike others who may simply deliver a product and move on, our deep involvement in the full spectrum of automation—from conception to reliable, long-term operation—demonstrates our commitment. We understand the complexities of integrating automation into facilities to meet key performance indicators and fulfill ongoing client needs. Thanks to our advanced technology platform, we’re poised to efficiently support our partners and clients in achieving sustained success, reinforcing our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of end-to-end automation solutions.

Coupling Domain Expertise and Innovation 

Our goal is to collaborate with systems integrator partners to create innovative and distinct products tailored to their specific fields. Our vision is to develop scalable, AI-driven robotics solutions that combine RIOS technology capabilities with the specialized knowledge of our partners. This partnership approach aims to leverage each party’s strengths, ensuring that the products we develop are not only unique but also optimized for the industries they serve.

Advanced Capabilities for a Competitive Edge

Our partnership with Systems Integrators provides a unique offering within the industry. By leveraging RIOS’s advanced technologies, Systems Integrators are equipped to provide their clients with state-of-the-art solutions. This includes our leading AI technology and Intelligent Machine Management, all packaged within a customer-oriented service plan. 

Industry-Leading AI Technology

Our AI platform sets industry standards, offering ease in training, maintaining, upgrading, and integrating with existing automation systems. Key features include:

  • Enhanced training capabilities allow for the rapid development of new AI models with direct customer involvement, accelerating the realization of significant value.
  • The ability to process diverse inputs and produce more sophisticated outputs.
  • The close integration of AI with robotics results in superior perception and precise robotic actions.
  • Streamlined and user-friendly processes for validating and testing new AI models before deployment.
  • Product manipulation, process monitoring, intervention and analysis, quality control, grading, and quantification are applicable use cases.

Intelligent Machine Management

We are more than just an AI company. Our offerings include a modular robotics platform that simplifies the design, construction, maintenance, and integration of our products into your material handling systems. Advantages include:

  • Quick adaptation to changing production demands using tools more advanced and capable than traditional PLCs.
  • Continuous monitoring and adaptation to unexpected events to avoid errors and maximize production uptime.
  • Faster system architecture and building through simulation.
  • Integration with existing IT and control systems of customers.
  • Simulation of complete processes using production data to assess potential returns before full-scale investment.

Customer-Centric Service and Results

Our focus on customer ROI underscores the importance of delivering expert services in collaboration with our experienced partners. This ensures that clients fully benefit from our technological solutions.

Bridging Gaps with Advanced Technology

RIOS’s offerings go beyond mere product modules; we provide technologies that enhance the core products of Systems Integrators. Our Intelligent Agent technology, for example, can improve the effectiveness of the integrated systems, ensuring smoother transitions between stages and reducing the potential for yield loss. Whether it’s through alerting systems to potential malfunctions or intervening directly to prevent issues, RIOS’s solutions are designed to complement and elevate the systems put in place by our partners.

Seamless Integration and Support

RIOS ensures that our technology integration is smooth and unobtrusive, complementing our advanced monitoring and support capabilities. Our work cells can self-monitor and self-heal, with 24/7 tech support ready to step in when needed. This level of support is integrated directly into our partner’s ecosystems, providing a streamlined experience where clients benefit from advanced support without additional overhead. The ability to offer such comprehensive post-deployment support sets RIOS and its partners apart from the competition.

A Partnership for Success

At RIOS, we see our relationships with Systems Integrators and customers as long-term partnerships. Together, we are more than just providers—we are dedicated collaborators focused on the success of our solutions. By working closely with our partners, we gain a deep understanding of the entire process. We value our partners’ industry knowledge and realize that together, we deliver more value.

Partner and RIOS Roles

Why Systems Integrators Choose RIOS

Companies partner with RIOS for three primary reasons:

  1. Commitment to Go-To-Market with partners’ strategy combining partners’ industry expertise with RIOS’ technology and capabilities.
  2. Differentiated technology and capabilities.RIOS offers advanced technologies not available elsewhere, allowing Systems Integrators to offer differentiated and competitive solutions.
  3. Commitment to GTM and product development with partner input and guidance. RIOS doesn’t just provide technology; we offer long-term partnership and support, ensuring that our systems integrate seamlessly and perform optimally over time.

Commitment to Our Partners

What sets RIOS apart is our unwavering commitment to our partners. We see our partners not as clients but as partners in our venture. We aim to empower them, providing them with differentiated technology, unique capabilities, and comprehensive support so that they can deliver more for their clients in the new frontier of AI-controlled robotics.

We prioritize designing solutions that are not only efficient and adaptable for today’s needs but also future-proof to seamlessly integrate with the evolving technological landscape. Our team is committed to delivering systems that offer robust integration capabilities and flexibility for future upgrades, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

We build modular systems, modular AI, and modular robotics that:

  • Enables us to train new AI models with a customer-in-the-loop methodology that achieves higher value faster.


  • Seamless and user-friendly validation and testing of new AI models which enables faster deployment to production

These provide significant advantages for Systems Integrators who are looking to help their clients reduce costs and improve efficiency.

A Future Built on Innovation and Collaboration

The partnership between RIOS and Systems Integrators is more than just a business arrangement; it’s a collaboration aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in industrial automation. By providing advanced solutions and unparalleled support, RIOS empowers Systems Integrators to deliver outstanding value to their customers, ensuring success for today and the future. 

Together, we’re not just solving today’s challenges; we’re paving the way for the next generation of innovation in automation. Join us …

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