Josh Jimenez Joins RIOS

RIOS welcomes Josh Jimenez as Vice President of Hardware Engineering

Menlo Park, CA — RIOS Intelligent Machines, a leader in the development and deployment of AI-controlled robotics that delivers real and sustainable value to manufacturing processes, is thrilled to announce the addition of Josh Jimenez as Vice President of Hardware Engineering. With a distinguished career spanning over a decade in autonomous technologies and safety engineering, Josh brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to his new role at RIOS.

Before joining RIOS, Josh served as the Director of Hardware Integration at Teleo, where he was instrumental in transforming mining and construction vehicles into autonomous robots. His contributions have significantly advanced the capabilities of robotic systems in complex operational environments.

Prior to his tenure at Teleo, Josh held pivotal roles at Zoox and Tesla, where his efforts were central to pioneering safety measures and technologies that have set new standards in the automotive industry. At Zoox, an Amazon subsidiary, he developed the vehicle platform for safety and led the creation of safety metrics company milestones for evaluating autonomous driving levels. During his time at Tesla, he was responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s first full-scale crash facility, playing a critical role in the development of passive safety systems for models S and X.

“Josh’s extensive experience and proven track record in hardware engineering and cross-functional leadership across highly multidisciplinary organizations make him a perfect fit for RIOS as we continue to expand our robotic platform capabilities,” said Clinton Smith, CEO of RIOS. “We are thrilled to have him lead our efforts in developing next-generation hardware solutions that enhance the efficiency and reliability of manufacturing production lines.”

Josh holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara. His leadership and innovative approach to problem-solving are expected to drive significant advancements in RIOS’s offerings, helping clients reduce operating expenses and increase revenue through cutting-edge automation technologies.

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