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the challenges

Serious Challenges

You face an uphill battle everyday. Production inefficiencies, like slowdowns and inefficient processes, disrupt consistent output. Ensuring that workers are skilled, engaged, and used effectively is no simple task. Couple these challenges with the ongoing struggle to control operating expenses (OPEX), and you realize that to keep ahead of the game, you need some help. This is where RIOS comes into play.

RIOS Solves Serious Challenges

RIOS provides an answer to the challenges you face everyday on the production line. We provide flexible, reliable and efficient robotic automation that helps you focus on the big picture . We partner with you leveraging AI-powered robotics and AI-powered vision to solve problems that other automation solutions struggle to solve. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing production lines and minimize risks with >99.6% uptime.

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Reduce OPEX
- 0 %
Labor Productivity
+ 0 %
Minimize Risk
> 0 %

Pain Relief

RIOS provides an answer to these challenges with flexible, reliable and efficient robotic automation. We partner with you leveraging AI-powered robotics and AI-powered vision to solve problems that other automation solutions struggle with. Our solutions can integrate seamlessly into existing production lines and minize risks with >99.6% uptime.

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Reduce OPEX
- 0 %
Labor Productivity
+ 0 %
Minimize Risk
> 0 %
rios ecosystem

When You're Ready to Take Control of Production

Intelligent Agents

See and predict objects and events, recommend actions and report on important metrics

RIOS RunTime
Experience immediate productivity boosts with our AI-powered workcells that integrate into your existing production line.
Modular AI Robotics Suite

Enable robots to handle objects effortlessly, rapidly and with care.

Increase Labor Productivity
3 - 10x
Reduce OPEX
By 50%
Minimize Risk
>99.6% availability
100% Control
Ready to Take Control?
AI-powered Robotics, backed by round-the-clock support, provides a seamless transition into automation. As your strategic partner, we drive growth, reduce defects, and broaden automation for enhanced efficiency and safety. You gain complete control over production with support of our dedicated engineers and field service operators that guarantee optimal performance of your system.
Providing Safer Work Environments
Sick Days
Days Since Last Injury
HR Complaints

Robots help reduce human injuries and sick days by taking on dangerous and physically demanding tasks in industries such as manufacturing and construction, thereby minimizing the risk to human workers.

the brains

We keep you in control with easy-to-use software that looks after each automation and provides you with the data you need to improve performance and reduce production costs.

Reduce Production Time
Management Time Saved
Human Labor Saved

RIOS is making headlines for its innovative approach to automation. Check out what the industry is saying about us.

RIOS’s AI software uses artificial neural network technology that mimics how brains function in determining how to grasp and handle items, Smith explains.

Rios develops and deploys robots to factory assembly lines and warehouses to automate supply chain and logistics operations. As a business, the company provides what it calls “factory automation-as-a-service”.

Beyond a proprietary platform to deploy robots at scale, the company is broadly known as a pioneer of haptic intelligence for robots and developed the world’s most advance tactile sensors for robots, powered by advanced AI.
Hunter Wylie
Crow Engineering

We partnered with RIOS because we believe this product will provide significant monetization in mills – intervening in edge cases and helping avoid damage. We did an extensive analysis, and RIOS was the only one that could do these things …

Kevin Miller
Associated Packaging, Inc.

The innovation of RIOS robotic solutions extends beyond a technically talented team adept at creating solutions to solve labor and material handling challenges to their entire business model. Not only do they offer the savings and benefits of RaaS, but their ability to replicate solutions over a broad install base is a game changer that forces customers to rethink their traditional view of automation and how RIOS can now help them target automation solutions that were previously not attainable or even considered.

Jake Gaines
Hit Promotional Products, Inc.
VP of Manufacturing

We were very impressed by RIOS. Their team proved they could understand our challenges, our business, quickly assess our use cases, and roll out robots in mind-boggling timeframes to meet our aggressive goals, while delivering the seamless, integrated experiences customers have come to expect.

Michael Thomas Ward
V & H Material Handling
Material Handling Specialist/Engineer

RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.

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Robotics and AI are revolutionizing industries and our daily lives, paving the way for a future where machines work alongside humans to enhance efficiency, safety, and innovation.
Josh Jimenez
Josh Jimenez Joins RIOS

RIOS is pleased to announce the addition of Josh Jimenez as Vice President of Hardware Engineering. With a distinguished career spanning over a decade in autonomous technologies and safety engineering, Josh brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to his new role at RIOS.

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